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The value of working with a REALTOR® when selling your home

Although it can be a challenge to sell property when the market is difficult, when you think creatively, everything can change. If your property is located locally, think about the different avenues in sales that you might have available.  Let one of our experienced sales agents work with you to find the best avenue for you.

Looking out for your best interests:
By asking a REALTOR® to act on your behalf during the sale of your home, you create an Agency Relationship and become the REALTOR’s client. REALTORS® always owe their clients full fiduciary duties, such as loyalty, obedience, confidentiality, accountability, duty of care, and full disclosure of all pertinent facts.

Getting the best price:
Professional marketing means top dollar and a faster sale. REALTORS® spend a lot of time and energy making sure they know their local market inside and out. They know the current market value of properties in your area and are your best resource for determining and getting the best and highest price possible. All REALTORS® have access to all of their agency’s resources and marketing skills, ensuring that all potential buyers are quickly made aware of your home.

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